"I'm 66 and feel fantastic!"

By John W.
"At 65, I biked 200 miles in 2 days!"

Although he's of retirement age, John W. keeps an awfully busy schedule. "I do long-distance bike rides, ballroom dance with my wife and always try to stay active," he says. "Last year, in fact, when I was 65 years old, I biked from Portland to Seattle in two days. I rode 145 miles that first day!" And how does John manage such incredible physical accomplishments? "I owe this all to the Herbalife products like Niteworks®," he explains. "They've got me feeling better than I ever have. The best part is knowing that I'm going to remain healthy and enjoy life well into my later years–for my wife and for myself."*

Here's How:

  • Set specific and attainable goals. Mine is to be in better shape next year than I am this year!
  • Find the activities you love and do them consistently. There's no better way to get into shape and stay that way.
  • Don't miss a glass of your Niteworks® by Herbalife!

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